Buffalo DriveStation DUO RAID utility update

Buffalo Technologies seems to have quietly released version 1.01 of their RAID utility for the DriveStation DUO.

Buffalo DriveStation DUO external hard drive with RAID

Last year, I bought a Buffalo Drivestation Duo for backing up my hard drive and storing my images. The device seems to work like a champ, but I haven’t been able to configure the RAID functionality. It’s supposed to be two 250 GB drives, that can either be a 500 GB drive or a single 250 GB drive with RAID 1. The RAID tool hasn’t worked since I got it.

Every time I try to run the RAID utility it throws an exception. I contacted Buffalo through their online support form, but never head anything back. Unfortunately, I got distracted (as I usually do with these kinds of things) by the rest of my life and never followed up – except to occasionally check their downloads site.

Well today I found out that Buffalo seems to have quietly released version 1.01 of their RAID tool. There is no mention of it in the Knowledge Base. But in their favor, it looks like the Knowledge Base has been reset or something.

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4 thoughts on “Buffalo DriveStation DUO RAID utility update”

  1. No it does not work :(. Just bought DriveStation Duo 2 Tb version. Version 1.10 Raid setup utility does not work in Vista 64. Windows sees the drives OK, but the RAID software does not find anything = useless product since I need the RAID functionality.

    Tried with Firewire and USB, the same end result “plaa, plaa,…The drive may be in use, try to restart…” Restarting or disabling the drives from Windows device manager (as the knowledge base says does not help either).

    Seems that they have pretty BS RAID software. Even the fact that you cannot even see see the main window of the software is something that one rarely encounters…In all programs you first open the main window and then scan for the devices. If that fails, then one can at least check the version info from the about menu…But not with this software. Also the Memeo software does not even start…What a reliable and easy to use product…

    But maybe some help will come from customer service (I won’t hold my breath though…Judging from the other articles in the web, it will be NOGO with this product.)

  2. I Just bought the HD-W1U2 but am unable to configure it for raid 1. The utility can’t find the drive, claims it might be in use and to restart windows. No Joy. I am running xp pro x64. Anyone else run into this issue and or figured out a solution?

  3. Yes, it fixed it. I had to back up all of my data, then wipe the drive to prepare it for RAID. It worked like a charm.

    The only hitch was that I had to disable backups. While memeo was “on”, the drive RAID tool was unable to find the drive.

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