Catchy, clever music by Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton writes catchy, clever songs.

Scott Tirrell turned me on to a catchy song called CodeMonkey by Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan wrote a new song every week (except a few where he did covers like Bills, Bills, Bills) and made them available for download as PodCasts. He then compiled them into albums. CodeMonkey is from the Thing a Week Three album.

In early December, NPR interviewed Jonathon Coulton to discuss his Thing-a-Week project. Strangely, the interviewer compared JC to Dan Zanes the kids musician. I guess this was all based on her emotional reaction to one song about how his baby changed his life. Jonathan’s songs sound more like the songs from Tenacious D and Jack Black. The songs are catchy and funny with adult themes. I don’t think I want my 4-year-old son dancing around to The First of May.

Check out Jonathon Coulton’s Albums.

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