Microlite20 Advanced by Retro Roleplaying (Paperback) – Lulu

I’ve really enjoyed the Microlite20 role playing game rules. It brings back the fun of playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

I didn’t really like the format of the rules though. I formated the rules and made them printable as a 6″x9″ booklet from Lulu.com.
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Mr. Rogers Remixed

I’ve heard about this. Finally saw it.

Mr. Rogers certainly stimulated my imagination. I loved when he would open the table with the sandbox. The trolley visits to King Friday. The little models of the make believe neighborhood. The train layout of his town.

Actually, the old HBO town fly-through used to remind me of Mr Rogers neighborhood.

He was so gentle and patient and interesting. This video brings me a sweet painful nostalgia.

Thank you so much, Fred.

Crocs Shipping & Handling is 5 times the product price

My son has some new crocs we bought at a Crocs store in Florida. The clerk was very sweet and switched the straps so he could have a different strap color. But, we didn’t know the rivet on the strap was broken until we had left the area.

I was happy to find replacement rivets in a 4 pack available on the Crocs site. I couldn’t find them anyplace else, and $.99 seemed like a fair enough price.

When I went to check out, I got some serious sticker shock. $4.99 for shipping and handling may make sense when you buy $20 shoes, but a $.99 pack of replacement parts?!

$4.99 shipping and handling?

Lego Cuusoo video on YouTube isn’t so kid friendly

The Lego Cuusoo site is pretty cool. And they have a cute video to explain the purpose of the site.

But when the video is complete, YouTube puts up some weird and questionable videos to watch next.

YouTube video suggestions after Lego Cuusoo video
YouTube video suggestions after Lego Cuusoo video

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