Action Shot with a Point and Shoot

Sometimes you get lucky. Luck favors the prepared, though.

I’ve been using my Canon G9 long enough that I kind of have the timing figured out for shooting action shots. More or less.

Usually, I compose first, expecting the action. Then it’s a matter of pressing the shutter release. This is the _only_ shot I took of our friend Tanner hitting water balloons with a fat bat. If I had my druthers, I would have preferred to see his face, so maybe a moment sooner on the shutter button next time.

Interesting question: is it still a “shutter release” on digital cameras with no shutters?

Downtown Showdown

Photos from the Downtown Showdown, ski and board jib rail competition, in Portland, Maine.

Yesterday I took my family to see the Downtown Showdown in Monument Square, here in Portland, Maine. There was a 30 foot staircase built in Monument Square and skiers and snow boarders competed with rail tricks. It was a jib fest right downtown in sleepy Portland, Maine.

I went as more of a spectator than a photographer. I had my 6 year old son on my shoulders for most of the photos, and I was elbow to elbow with the other folks jostling for viewing positions.

(Next time: arrive early, finagle a spot inside the fence, set up lights, shoot like mad.)

DowntownShowdown-2485 DowntownShowdown-2299 DowntownShowdown-2232

You can check out the whole Downtown Showdown slideshow on my Downtown Showdown Flickr page.

I hope Sunday River and Sugarloaf continue to put on moreDowntown Showdown events in years to come.