Favorite Indie Games: Cave Story

Cave Story is one of my favorite Indie Games. When I bought my Gp2x, Cave Story was one of the first games I downloaded for it. I immediately introduced it to my son so that I could share the sweetness of this game.

Cave Story is an action-adventure type game along the lines of a platform jumper – without the heavy run/jump action of the Mario games. The character follows a developing story line, gathering weapons and solving puzzles and whacking bad guys. All the usual stuff with a NES style look and feel. The story is pretty engaging though. The mystery of who the character is and what is happening to the characters in the world is compelling.

But, as a programmer, the really cool thing about Cave Story is that the artwork, music and the entire game were developed by one guy over about 7 years of learning to code. Super awesome.

There is a brief interview with Pixel (Daisuke Amaya) in the new issue of Play. Pixel is very humble and honest about the games development. You can also find some old interviews on sites like TIGsource.

A Wii version of Cave Story is being developed. The developers are staying very true to the original game and Pixel is involved in the new art work. There will even be an option to play the game with the original music and graphics.

Hopefully Pixel is getting his just reward for making such an fun and sweet game.

Cave Story fan site

Game Trailer from gametrailers.com

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