Free Comic Book Day

I’m looking forward to taking my son to Free Comic Book Day while we are in Boston.

Free Comic Book Day, 2007

My family and I are going to be in Boston for Free Comic Book Day, next weekend. We’ve been making annual trips to B-town since my son was born. He’s old enough to look forward to it and talk about it (a lot) now. Last year, we saw the Star Wars exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. I was looking for a cool event for us to go to while we are there and it just so happens the Free Comic Book Day may be it.

Boston is not the only place where Free Comic Book Day is being observed. It’s actually an international event. Several comic stores near Portland will be participating. Actually, there are probably just about as many comic stores in the greater Portland area participating as in the Boston area.

I was looking at the list of comics which may be available and I really hope he can get one of the Marvel Three in One issues.

In the all-ages title, MARVEL ADVENTURES THREE-IN-ONE, fans will get their first look at the two upcoming additions to this acclaimed and popular line, MARVEL ADVENTURES: HULK and MARVEL ADVENTURES: IRON MAN, in two original 10-page stories. There will also be a previously published installment of the ever-popular, Eisner Award-nominated FRANKLIN RICHARDS: SON OF A GENIUS. A special preview of this book is attached.

Marvel actually has an issue of Amazing Spider Man available, but that storyline is targetted at Teen+. One thing I really appreciate from Marvel is their rating system for their target audience. There are so many Spiderman story lines. Some of them are very dark and violent (not to mention the Spiderman movies, have you seen the trailer for Spiderman 3 when you have your kid at a G-rated movie?!).

We try to keep his comics to the Marvel Adventures series, with a subscription to Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: The Avengers which are targeted at all ages.

I’m actually looking forward to the Marvel Adventures: Iron Man comic. The The Invincible Iron Man movie was disappointing because of the mature themes (like point-blank assassinations). I like that Iron Man is a less super superhero who, like batman, relies on his inventions instead of some marvelous power that came to him as an accident of some sort.

My son has this imaginary job where he builds and designs robots. Maybe he will be able to identify with Tony Stark. Too bad my son won’t likely have a giant trust fund to work with.

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