Gamepark Holdings GP2X Wiz

Gamepark Holdings announced their newest portable entertainment/gaming device. The new device is called GP2X Wiz, and is a successor to the GP2X and GP2X f-200 devices.

As you may know, I own a GP2X f-200. I really like it. I use Game Editor and a few other tools to write little games and experiment with it. I also use it for watching movies when I travel. I think the touchscreen is awesome and underutilized. Unfortunately the GP2X never seemed to get much love from the homebrew community. No one saw a need to upgrade from GP2X to GP2X f-200. There just wasn’t enough in the package to justify adding a new device with essentially only touchscreen support.

Now, here comes the Wiz. The Wiz has some cool positive points. But it has some negatives which I can see already from the brochure below.

First, the positives.

  • smaller form factor than GP2X and GP2X f-200
  • an OLED touchscreen
  • Flash support (w00t!)
  • a microphone for voice recording
  • a better pointing device than GP2X f-200, and a slot to store it
  • a planned game release schedule – this was fumbled on GP2X, it would be nice to see this on the new device
  • more power and all that…

Now for the negatives.

  • two freaking D-Pads? WTH?! They just don’t get it. The community whined and wailed for lack of a D-Pad on GP2X and GP2X f-200, so now they release a device with two and no A/B/X/Y buttons.
  • A 2.5 headphone jack. Arrgh.
  • The L and R buttons on the top of the device look like suckage. I liked the buttons they way they are on the GP2X; we’ll have to see how these new buttons hold up.
  • looks like only SD card support. Why no SDHC support?!

Here is the giant JPG brochure announcement for the GP2X Wiz.

GP2X Wiz brochure

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