Google Android coming to a phone near you this Fall

HTC Dream with Android on T-Mobile
HTC Dream with Android on T-Mobile

PC World is reporting that Mike Jenning demonstrated one of his Android apps running on a mobile device at the Google Developer Day event in Europe.

The device wasn’t completely identifiable, but it’s strong resemblance to the HTC Dream would seem obvious. The HTC Dream site makes it clear that the device will be released this Fall, 2008. (Perhaps, October 13?)

The HTC Dream is boasting a large touchscreen with haptic feedback. I’d like to know more about that. Haptic feedback can be used to give the user a sense of actually touching something other than just a smooth screen. The real question is whether it will be next-gen haptics or not.

The demo’d application itself doesn’t sound too impressive but it’s behavior demonstrated that an accelerometer will be included. This is to be expected I think.

Sigh. When is it coming to ATT?

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