Inspired by previews of A Boy and His Blob

I was reading the April 2009 issue of Nintendo Power and couldn’t believe the artwork for A Boy and His Blob. I was really blown away because some elements of the game resembled ideas and sketches from a project I’ve been working on with my son.

Here is a sketch from my notebook.


Here is a screenshot of A Boy and His Blob.

A Boy and His Blob
A Boy and His Blob

The interview says the WayForward team drew inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki (wikipedia), Winnie the Pooh and Iron Giant. A good list of inspirations, indeed!

I’ve never played the NES version of A Boy and His Blob (wikipedia), but I really want to see this new Wii version when it becomes available. The animations look amazing.

My project almost certainly won’t come close to the quality work done by WayForward, but I am sure to draw my own inspiration from them. Beautiful.

Check out some screenshots on Wired here.

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