I’ve got the fitness level of a desk worker, and that is going to change

I hiked Mount Monadnock in Southwestern New Hampshire this past weekend. The mountain is over 3,100 feet high, and you actually climb over 1,800 feet of that in about 2 miles.

About 30 minutes into it, I seriously considered quitting.

My legs were bonking even though I had eaten well. My breathing was pretty heavy and I’m sure a heart monitor would have been pegging out. I have asthma, but it has been under incredible control for the past 10 years. I probably breath better now that I did as a teenager.

I really started thinking about how I used to hike and bike more often. I was in better shape, not great shape, but better. Certainly 40 pounds lighter. Maybe even 50, I don’t know. Working at a desk and driving to and from work is not doing anything for my physical conditioning. I decided that I really need to get more fit again. Perhaps even more fit than I have ever been.

Coincidentally, a coworker mentioned that he has started doing the the hundred push ups training program last week. When I saw it, I remarked that it sounded like the couch-to-5K running plan for push ups.

Yesterday I tested myself for the hundred push ups program. I guess I’m in level 2. I’ll start the program Wednesday and give myself some time to rest from the test.

Today, though, I am going to start working on the couch to 5k running program. I’m still a little sore in the calves and quads but I am going to go for a brisk walk and try to fit in some jogging if it’s not too much.

Another personal goal is to be able to do some pull ups. Pull ups suck because you have to actually lift your own body weight – all of it. And will little tiny muscles in your upper body (compared to your lower body muscles). Not being able to even do 1 has been a problem. How can you build up your sets if you can’t start with even 1? Well, I found a great suggestion for flexed arm hangs and negative pull ups to build up strength. Then maybe work to assisted pull-ups.

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Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

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