Mind-blowing Nikon D700 means good things for Canon users

Nikon D700

Even if you are a diehard Canon shooter, you have got to give props to the New Nikon D700 full frame digital SLR. The numbers on this thing are amazing. Change the logo and the lens mount and you know you want one. Maybe it’s not the top-of-the-line tool for professional photographers, but Wedding, Sports and Fashion photographers will be drooling at the announcement.

Full frame means your lenses will act like the numbers the ship with (no math trying to figure out the conversion factor). For those who think full frame means “vignetting” this will still be puzzling. But for those of use who actually shot 35mm film (I KNOW, can you believe it?! It really existed) this is how the gods intended our lenses to be used.

So what if your whole lens bag is filled with Canon? Well, since this race between Canon and Nikon is always neck-and-neck, I think we Canon shooters can expect much of the same. Granted, there always seems to be something different between Canon and Nikon offerings that makes one a little more special than the other. But, I think this new Nikon body is a sign of what’s to come from Canon with the follow-up to their Canon 5D.

Can’t wait.

If you’re in the market, check out dpreview’s hands-on preview.

Author: eric

Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

2 thoughts on “Mind-blowing Nikon D700 means good things for Canon users”

  1. You are absolutely right. The 5D produces some beautiful images. I shot one last year and loved it. That full frame sensor is so natural, especially if you used to shoot real, honest-to-goodness film. All your lenses are the correct focal length again! 🙂

    I would say the 30D will complement the 5D, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. That’s nice but I just got a 5D a few weeks ago to compliment my 30D and I’m just blown away by how great it is, so I am not in any hurry to upgrade. Canon will of course get there eventually but in the mean time, the 5D is *still* an amazing piece of equipment.

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