My first GPS: Delorme Earthmate PN-20 Handheld GPS

I just got my first GPS: Delorme Earthmate PN-20.

I want to use a GPS to make GPS waypoint maps of hiking and biking trails for my other website about outdoors in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, New England Trailhead.

Delorme Earthmate PN-20 Handheld GPS
Delorme Earthmate PN-20 Handheld GPS

So far, so good. I like it’s size and screen. The colors look good. The buttons make sense.

The software was easy to install, the PN-20 updated itself. I was able to get a 3-D fix very quickly by just standing outside (it didn’t get a fix when I was inside my house – and it says in the documentation to use it on a dashboard under a windshield or something).

The package I got came with Delorm Topo 7 National Edition.

Delorme Topo Usa 7.0 National DVD
Delorme Topo Usa 7.0 National DVD

I like Delorme Topo. I have used Topo 2.0 and Topo 3.0. This upgrade to Topo 7 seems pretty cool, although a lot of the 3-D mapping is probably not necessary for me.

The next step, when I get a chance, will be trying to put waypoints on the PN-20 GPS and getting them back from it and trying to make routes which I can share on

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Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

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