Photoshelter Collection closing shop; total suckage.

The Photoshelter Collection came off the starting blocks with an energy and attitude that really felt like they were going to make a change in the stock photo industry.

Well, today we learned that they weren’t going to be able to change anything, after all.

Our unique approach, however, was insufficient to change buyer behavior on a grand scale and generate revenues quickly enough to satisfy our goals for this product line. Hence, our decision is to close the Collection.

I don’t know what kind of time line they had, or how much money they were burning, but 1 year seems like a pretty short time to crash and burn.

You can read the official message announcing the end of the Photoshelter Collection.

This means that we either sell our own stock through their Personal Archive option, and/or go back to refresh our portfolios at the “pennies per sale places”.


I have to admit that I wasn’t actually part of the photoshelter collection, but I was hoping they would succeed. Their movement was very inspirational and exciting. Too bad to see it die.

Author: eric

Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

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