Picasa for image library management

Picasa is free software from Google which allows you to locate, manipulate, organize and share your photo files.


If you don’t have Picasa, you can get it as part of the Google Pack. You can choose to only install Picasa, if you are not interested in the other Google software.

Picasa will scan your drive looking for image files. You don’t even need to tell it where to look.

Picasa Screenshot

Picasa Screenshot

Picasa will do some basic image manipulation. It has all the standard stuff:

  • crop
  • straighten
  • red eye removal
  • auto contrast
  • auto color
  • fill light with tuning
  • highlight tuning
  • shadow tuning
  • color temperature correction

It also has some effect filters, like:

  • sepia toning
  • sharpen
  • black and white, and filters
  • warming filter
  • film grain
  • color saturation
  • soft focus
  • glow filter
  • focal black and white
  • graduated color tint

I find it’s most useful of tagging and sorting. You can add keywords to images to tag them with things like “birthday” or “ice climbing”. Then you can search for them later using the same keywords to find all your photos tagged with “birthday”.

In this way, I can tag images I use for stock. There is no need to copy them from one folder into another, risking duplication. As you stock library grows, you really need to manage which images go where. Tagging can be very helpful for that.

picas screenshot

Author: eric

Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

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