The most popular post on this site…?

One of my posts has far more hits of than other page. But why?

I was looking at my website statistics and noticed that one of my pages had thousands and thousands of hits. Far and above the number of hits of any other page. The page is a post about Freestyle Motocross at Oxford Plains Speedway. I was pretty psyched, but I wondered where all the hits were coming from.

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hosting upgrade was successful

I upgraded my hosting package at I doubled my disk allowance, got a ton of databases, more free domains (I have several), more bandwidth, more, more, more. All for about $1 a month extra. It will be about $2-$3 more later, but the package was pretty good.

Before I upgraded, I backed everything up to a local disk and did a SQL dump of my database. The upgrade went as smoothly as it could, though. The website said the upgrade could take up to 6 hours but mine was done within 2 hours. Everything was good except my wordpress permalinks were not working on I managed to fix that quickly, though. The site was fine.

Moving to a Blog

The conversion of from a static website to a blog went very well. It was pretty time-consuming because I was doing it after having done almost no research at all.

I basically culled a few choices from a comparison of downloadable blog software. Then I made a “gut instinct” decision to try wordpress. It installed very nicely. Continue reading “Moving to a Blog”