Early adopter: Samsung BD-P1600 BluRay with Netflix Pandora

My DVD player died about 2 weeks ago. I took the opportunity to step-up one component of my aging electronics arrangement by buying the Samsung BD-P1600 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player. It has BluRay support, obviously, and is fully HD.  The rest of my electronics pile is pre-HD craze, though – my TV still has a tube (gasp!), and isn’t digital. The BD-1600 has component A/V out.

The main draw to this device was the NetFlix and Pandora support, and WiFi. I already subscribe to NetFlix, and don’t have Cable anymore. So, I use NetFlix as my main source for that kind of entertainment. Until now, I’ve been only able to stream NetFlix over my laptop. That’s OK, but my wife wouldn’t want to watch a movie on the laptop with me.

By: AV Hire London

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