Action Shot with a Point and Shoot

Sometimes you get lucky. Luck favors the prepared, though.

I’ve been using my Canon G9 long enough that I kind of have the timing figured out for shooting action shots. More or less.

Usually, I compose first, expecting the action. Then it’s a matter of pressing the shutter release. This is the _only_ shot I took of our friend Tanner hitting water balloons with a fat bat. If I had my druthers, I would have preferred to see his face, so maybe a moment sooner on the shutter button next time.

Interesting question: is it still a “shutter release” on digital cameras with no shutters?

Downtown Showdown

Photos from the Downtown Showdown, ski and board jib rail competition, in Portland, Maine.

Yesterday I took my family to see the Downtown Showdown in Monument Square, here in Portland, Maine. There was a 30 foot staircase built in Monument Square and skiers and snow boarders competed with rail tricks. It was a jib fest right downtown in sleepy Portland, Maine.

I went as more of a spectator than a photographer. I had my 6 year old son on my shoulders for most of the photos, and I was elbow to elbow with the other folks jostling for viewing positions.

(Next time: arrive early, finagle a spot inside the fence, set up lights, shoot like mad.)

DowntownShowdown-2485 DowntownShowdown-2299 DowntownShowdown-2232

You can check out the whole Downtown Showdown slideshow on my Downtown Showdown Flickr page.

I hope Sunday River and Sugarloaf continue to put on moreDowntown Showdown events in years to come.

Strobist Meetup in Biddeford, ME

Photographs from the Maine Strobist Meetup in Biddeford, ME.

The Strobist Meet-up in Biddeford, ME was a great. The space at North Dam Mill was fantastic and the event was well attended. The models were fun (especially Joanna) and the photographers were really cool.

Strobist Meetup, Biddeford, ME (4 of 6)

More photos on my Flickr page.

I’d like to say thanks to Joanna, Tim and especially Gary from Chasing The Sun Photography for hosting the event.

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Clifford Park Assault, EFTA NECS Mountain Bike Race

Bike race photos from the 2007 EFTA Clifford Park Assault NECS mountain bike race, held at Clifford Park in Biddeford, Maine and sponsored by Cape Able Bike Shop of Kennebunkport, Maine.

On June 24th, I took photos of the 2007 Clifford Park Assault EFTA (Eastern Fat Tire Association) NECS (New England Championship Series) mountain bike race. The race is held at Clifford Park in Biddeford, Maine and is hosted by the Cape Able Bike Shop in Kennebunkport, Maine.

From what I hear, the Clifford Park Assault is a pretty rugged, grueling race. I found it to be really fun to take photos since I could run around and capture different parts of the race. But it’s pretty long, so I didn’t get to shoot photos of as many laps as I did at the Rotary Park Short Track in Biddeford, last year.

Here are some photos from the race.

Elizabeth Coleman, Clifford Park Assault MTB Race by Eric Holsinger

That is Elizabeth Coleman, the 1st place rider in the Clifford Park Assault Expert Veteran Women category.

Michael Gault, Clifford Park Assault by Eric Holsinger

That is Michael Gault, the 1st place rider in the Clifford Park Assault Expert Senior I Men category. Michael was fun to shoot because he would do a little something extra each time I saw him, like that little jump on that downhill.

There are more photos available online at in the Seen Photoblog called “2007 Clifford Park Assault“. Feel free to rate the photos there! 🙂

La Kermesse Festival, Biddeford, Maine

I took photos of the fireworks, the block party, the parade and the La Kermesse Festival in Biddeford, Maine.

I took photos of the fireworks, the block party, the parade and the La Kermesse Festival in Biddeford, Maine.

La Kermesse Arcade Alley, Biddeford, Maine, Photograph by Eric Holsinger

I posted a couple 500 or so photos to in the Seen Photobloggers page, here: La Kermesse photos by Eric Holsinger on Seen.

La Kermesse Fireworks display, photography by Eric Holsinger Cub Scouts popcorn concession stand at La Kermesse, photography by Eric Holsinger Breakdancing and hip hop at La Kermesse festival, photography by Eric Holsinger