The single most annoying thing about my Buffalo NAS

I have several Buffalo NAS drives for storing digital photos and various other things (mp3s, ebooks, audible files) so my laptop stays nice and lean.

But this is the single most annoying thing about working with these drives:

You don't have permission to modify them
You don't have permission to modify them

Apparently, at some point, my machine connected as “Guest” and at some other point it connected as “Eric”. Some files are now owned by Guest and some are owned by Eric. The two users cannot modify each others freaking files.

No problem, right? Basic file permissions, no big deal. Except I have to manage these things through a web interface on the NAS and the web interface is a 404. I have no idea why it’s 404, but I can’t change the permissions. At this point I’m just moving everything off of one NAS, onto another. Then I’m going to factory reset the messed-up boxes.

Stuff like this, man…

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Author: eric

Eric Holsinger is a software professional and photography enthusiast in Southern Maine.

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