Bulldogs! Fate based Sci-Fi character sheet for 5×8 cards

I made a sheet for the FATE based Bulldogs! RPG characters as a PDF, printable on a 5×8 index card.

I’ve been playing around with “Bulldogs! Sci-Fi That Kicks Ass” RPG, which uses the FATE system.

I have a thing for small character sheets, like 5×8 index card size. So, I made a sheet for Bulldogs! characters into a PDF. It should be printable on a 5×8 index card. I used the ones that are lined on one side, and I print on the blank side, so I can add notes to the lined side as needed.

Bulldogs! FATE Character Sheet 5x8BULLDOGS!5x8CharacterSheet2 (PDF)

More information about Bulldogs! Sci-fi that Kicks Ass (RPG Geek).

Bulldogs! FATE based RPG characters

Tetsuashan and Dolome based on Bulldogs! FATE based SciFi RPG from Gallileo Games.

I scanned and inked a sketch I made, this morning, of a Tetsuashan and Dolome from Bulldogs! FATE based SciFi RPG.

Tetsuashan and Dolome, Bulldogs! SciFi RPG FATE

The original sketch was posted to Instagram.

Bulldogs! sci-fi that kicks ass RPG based on FATE from Galileo Games.