Install ffmpeg on a Mac

Installation instructions for getting ffmpeg on your Mac, which donn’t assume you know how to use Terminal or how to execute commands. Every step is outlined below with screenshots and some explanations of what the commands are, for the curious.

To convert video file formats on your Mac, you’re going to want a great piece of open source software called “ffmpeg”. But, once you have it, it may not be clear how to get it working in your Mac. Here are the steps to get ffmpeg downloaded, placed into a folder so your system can find them, and how to make them executable and usable.

By: GotCredit

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Xcode, incrementing build numbers and version numbers for releases

How to add a build number increment phase to you ios project in xcode

By: Procsilas Moscas

I like nice neat build numbers. I don’t like manually maintaining text fields.

To that end, I modified a nice lead on a build number increment script to suit my needs. Maybe it will help you, too.
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