Simplify OBS .flv video conversion to .mp4

If you use OBS to make your desktop recordings on your Mac, you’ll notice it creates .flv files by default. But .flv files aren’t playable in QuickTime.

There are ways to change the settings to create .mp4 files, but there are really good reasons to use .flv.

A better approach is to record in .flv and convert to .mp4 afterward using ffmpeg and a little shell script to make the commands easier.

By: phsymyst

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Xcode, incrementing build numbers and version numbers for releases

How to add a build number increment phase to you ios project in xcode

By: Procsilas Moscas

I like nice neat build numbers. I don’t like manually maintaining text fields.

To that end, I modified a nice lead on a build number increment script to suit my needs. Maybe it will help you, too.
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