How to setup a Unity 5 project and add Kenney’s “Platformer Tiles”

This is the first video in my Unity 5 2D Platform Game Development Tutorial series.

Many of the existing 2D Platformer tutorial videos are outdated with Unity 5, and the C# (c-sharp) and UnityScript (JavaScript) files need to be updated. Also, many of the tutorials are for either C# or UnityScript, but not both. You may like C#, but the tutorial you need may be in UnityScript. Or vice, versa.

I will run through building a 2D Platformer in Unity 5 and I’ll be showing how to do the steps in both scripting languages (both C# and UnityScript/JavaScript).

Unity 5 2D Platform Game Development (Mac), Part 01 Sprites Collision RigidBody2D

In this first video, I introduce Unity 5 and show how we are going to set up the project for the future steps. We also download an import public domain art assets from Kenney, using

Some of the highlights:

In this video, we …

  • download Unity
  • create a new project with Scenes and Sprites folders
  • save the first Scene
  • import Kenney’s art
  • create a player actor
  • create a ground block
  • add collision components
  • add gravity
  • preview the game
Here is the video:

This tutorial starts with a fresh project, but the completed GitHub tag for this tutorial is v1.2 (See this link about the 2 Platformer GitHub source and tags)

In the next video, I will be showing how to get keyboard input working to control jumping and left/right movement.

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